A selling exhibition in the Patchings Galleries. No selection process, no commission charged and all work submitted to be exhibited allowing others to enjoy your creativity.

We invite artists and photographers to take part in our annual open exhibition by producing an A5 size piece of work on a specially prepared board.

For the painter, the surface creates a versatile support for your painting with alternative surfaces available depending on your choice of media. For the photographer, you are asked to provide your image digitally allowing us to print and mount your image on to board for display. 

All works submitted will be exhibited un-framed.  Visitors are able to purchase off the wall during the exhibition. The exhibition in the Patchings Galleries opens on 5 December showing until 24 December. Do join us onSaturday 5th December at 11am for the Preview.

A small handling charge is made to cover the A5 board preparation, administration and hanging the exhibition.  A reminder – No commission is added to your selling price.

All work will be entered into a prize draw for papers specific to your medium. There will be a prize awarded for work chosen by a guest Professional Artist (£40 Framing Voucher), and for a favourite entry selected by the Patchings Team (£25 Café Patchings Voucher). 

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Please indicate on the back of the board the picture orientation if not clear with an arrow!!

Painting boards need posting or delivering to Patchings by Thursday 12 November 2020 to be included in the exhibition. 

To – Patchings Art Centre, Oxton Rd, Calverton, Nottinghamshire. NG14 6NU

Photographic Entries. All digital files for printing and mounting are required by Sunday 25 October 2020.

your photographs to a5@patchingsartcentre.co.uk  Images to be in a jpg format at A5 Size ideally at 300dpi.

Works not sold can be collected from Patchings between 2 and 31 January 2021 (please note return postage will incur costs)

Any works not collected by this time will be donated to a charity of our choosing. 

Payment for works sold will be made by 31 January 2021 from the end of the exhibition.

(Patchings reserves the right to exclude any inappropriate work. Insurance is at the artists’ discretion.)