There are special parking areas for visitors who have disabled badges. Please note, we have to be quite strict regards parking in these areas. The parking for disabled drivers is quite close to the Festival Arena.
For wheel chair users, please be aware the event takes place within marquees and on grass.  The site is reasonably flat, although
there is a slope between the Visitor Centre (the farm buildings of Patchings) and the festival. There are facilities for disabled
visitors in both the Visitor Centre and the Pavilion.
Admission for carers who accompany those using wheelchairs is free.
Over the years we have had the pleasure of welcoming many disabled visitors to the festival, this has included those who use motorised wheel chairs and manually driven wheel chairs. However we do ask you to be aware of some unevenness on the grass surface and of course do ask for assistance from one of our stewards if necessary. Not all may be sufficiently able to help, but they will know someone who can.

Yes you are welcome to bring a picnic. There is a picnic area with some seating in front of the Pavilion. This might be handy if wish to purchase a drink from the self service area in the Pavilion.
You can return to your car to picnic, but do be aware of the traffic lanes and of course there are grassed areas around the Artists’ Way. In these more ‘out of the way’ places, please be sure to collect any waste.

Yes, dogs are welcome, but we do ask that they kept on their lead.
Please use car park B to exercise your dog, walking around the circumference of the field, away from the cars and of course we do ask you to observe the usual niceties.
Needless to say, dogs must not be left in vehicles. There are dog drinking bowls around the festival, but please ask a steward if you have difficulty in finding one.

The Calverton bus stop is outside the Blue Bell Inn Nottingham and the bus is called the Calverton Connection or CC.

The Blue Bell Inn is near the Royal Centre with the Theatre Royal and Concert Hall.

It runs every 15 minutes during the daytime.

You need to get off the bus at stop number 1 which is on Collier Road near Park Road Calverton.

Walk back towards Hollingwell Lane with the allotments on your left past the new housing estate.

At the T junction, this is Hollingwell Lane, turn left with the Top Club opposite.

Continue to the next T junction turn right on to the main road and walk down the hill with the
Ramsdale golf course on your left.

When you get to the crossroads at the bottom of the hill, this is Oxton Road,  you turn to the left.

The entrance to Patchings is 100 yards on the right hand side

The walk will take around 20 minutes.  The bus journey around 40 minutes.

If your journey to Nottingham is by train to the Nottingham Midland station, there
the Nottingham Tram will take you the short journey from station to the city centre, alighting at the Theatre Royal stop.

For those wishing to travel by taxi, the full address is:-
Patchings Art Centre.
Oxton Road, Calverton,
Nottingham. NG14 6NU

You can buy Online by clicking here or by phoning 0115 9653479