M20 – Printmaking

Marquee 20 Printmaking

At last year’s festival with the assistance of the renowned printmaker Laura Boswell, we provided a focus on printmaking. Due to the interest created, this year we have extended the range of work by introducing a marquee dedicated to Printmaking. Laura will be exhibiting again alongside others in her field. Adding to those exhibiting in the marquee will be the trade stand Hawthorn Printmaker showing materials and equipment used in association with the craft, something visitors last year where keen to see.

We do like the festival to move forward each year and the introduction of the Print Marquee is something new 2018.

Birch and Rhododendron low by Laura Boswell


M20-1 Laura Boswell
Rural landscape prints with an oriental twist in linocut and Japanese watercolour woodblock.
M20-2 Suzi Thompson Printmaker
Limited edition hand pulled collagraph and drypoint prints. Hand printed bound and stitched notebooks. Printed home wares.
M20-3 Best of Wishes
Screen printed images celebrating colour and trees in the form of a wordscape as originals and as greetings cards.
M20-4 Hawthorn Printmaker
Printmaking supplies Manufacturer of Hawthorn Stay open inks and etching presses