M24 – Premium Art Brands

The Premium Art Brands, Marquee 25, represents the popular brands of Daniel Smith, PanPastels and Ampersand. This year their programme includes two special guests.

On Thursday and Friday we welcome demonstrating for the first time in the UK, the Spanish Artist Cesc Farré

Cesc Farré is an architect and a professional watercolour painter and a big fan of Daniel Smiths fabulous Watercolour paints. He began to win awards and gain recognition from a very
early age, obtaining scholarships for graphic expression specializing in architectural heritage. He has been the recipient of many awards in “plein air” competitions. Cesc currently exhibits and hosts watercolour workshops in many countries including Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Russia, India and Brazil. He is the Vice President of International Watercolour Society of Spain.

Cesc Farré free demonstrations using Daniel Smith Watercolours on

Thursday at 10.30. 11.45. 13.30 and 14.45

Friday at 10.30. 11.45. 13.30 and 14.45

On Festival Saturday, we welcome the very popular Shirley Trevena
Shirley is a regular contributor to the festival and this year she will be joining us on festival Saturday 14 July in the Premium Art Brands Marquee. She will be available to chat to visitors and have copies of her two new books available.

FUTHER INFORMATION on the programme for Premium Art Brands will be available shortly.