It is with great pleasure that we welcome and introduce you to this our virtual Patchings Festival 2020. Along with many, which may include you, there will be disappointment at the postponement of this year’s event. None more so than those who would have joined us to produce what we think is one of the best practical outdoor art and craft events in the country.  As for many, the situation in which we find ourselves has a considerable impact especially on those who work individually as artists and makers - one of the reasons behind creating the virtual festival.

First of all therefore we thank them for joining us and taking part. We are confident you will enjoy something special, created with you in mind.
Secondly,  thank you for visiting, we and all our exhibitors appreciate your interest in what has been prepared. We greatly appreciate your support and thank you for visiting.
Finally before we let you loose - a word of guidance as you walk around. The next page is the Festival Arena where you will be invited to see the individual marquees, listed as always in numerical order of the marquee arrangement.  Here you will find an introduction to each marquee, showing features contained inside, often with a video with further information.

Do look out for show offers, highlighted in each marquee and exhibitor area, along with links to individual websites and contact details. We appreciate the virtual world does not easily generate the flow of conversation - but we do encourage you to use the provided contact details - all our exhibitors would love to hear from you.

In the first instance the event will run until Sunday, although it is our intention to maintain as much as possible on line, creating a huge resource for those who would like to browse for longer and at other times. It will remain live as we gradually begin to introduce everyone to Patchings 2021.

Have an enjoyable time and thank you once again for being here.

Liz, Pat and Chas,
Gary and Rachel
The Patchings Team and volunteers.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Festival please email reception@patchingsartcentre.co.uk 
We will aim to get back to you as soon as feasibly possibly.  Please keep in mind that we are currently closed due to the current Covid situation with no staff to answer the phones.