On the 1st of October was the opening of – the Artist Collection 2016

This is an exhibition by ten award winning artists selected by the judges from the professional category of the 2015 the Artist and Leisure Painter Competition organised in partnership with Patchings.
In this group show the variety of styles and techniques make this fascinating and absorbing exhibition – it has something for everyone.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see the gallery of work.

Exhibition Snapshot….

Peter Kellys’ work exudes quality and technique, perfected over many years –
a joy to see the workmanship contained in these finely crafted paintings.

Kelv Holtom shows watercolour at its very best, a highly skilled artist giving a masterclass in capturing light.

Paul Ferraby’s oils delight the eye with their striking colours.

Mo Teeuw, Penny German and Stephen Higton bring the landscape to life with their vibrant colours and styles.

As a contrast Mike Barr’s group of six paintings convey a different atmosphere
of city life in Australia.

Angus Hampel lives in Italy where his work has a focus on the rich and sultry landscape
which surrounds him.

Alison Burchert’s detailed and precise style describes and brings to life the wildlife which is her subject. Her fine work
shows the result of careful observation and study.

A series painted in watercolour by Rupert Cordeux’s are loose and lively. This style effectively describes the interior of the church,
the subject of this group.