Yorkshire Sculptors Group

MAY 11 – SEP 29

Garry Barker

At the time of putting the proposal together it was one hundred years after the end of the First World War and the poppy, a flower that thrives in ‘Broken Ground’ has been used for many years to commemorate those that gave their lives to ensure our freedom.

While walking the grounds, I was fascinated by the thick banks of dead wild flowers and was imagining how they would look in Spring, the time of the exhibition opening and how as Summer arrived different flowers would achieve visual ascendency. These banks of flowers I realised could become traditional ‘Memento Mori’ art works. I had recently completed an animation about the plight of refugees crossing the Mediterranean and decided that by using ceramics to make memorial flowers that could be inserted carefully in and amongst the existing wild flowers, I could create an installation that commemorated the many people who have lost their lives to a different idea of freedom.

Memento Mori

Ceramic and steel (various parts)