Yorkshire Sculptors Group

MAY 11 – SEP 29

Melanie Wilks

“My initial response to making a sculpture specifically for this site was to reference the centre itself, a place that facilitates and promotes artistic expression, also the lake, the high water table and the nearby pumping station. This was my starting point.

However, as I developed the sculpture, several layers of meaning emerged:  The baroque flourishes of the stone carving contrasting with the utilitarian function of the water pipes became a metaphor for creative flow bursting from the confines of a controlling environment; the pipework. A darker reading; the resistance of the human spirit to oppression and control.

Alternatively, thoughts of how we (humankind) take control of our environment, piping and pumping water, suppressing nature, then of nature pushing back, floods, lava bursting from underground, came to mind.”


Ancaster Limestone
H1.2m x W31cm x D10cm

Map Ref : 7


Maltese Limestone, plastic pipework

Map Ref : 10