Yorkshire Sculptors Group

MAY 11 – SEP 29

Nicholas Vaughan

“The workers of the Whitworth Colliery lived and worked perpetually in the darkness of the mines. They had never been above ground partly because all access had been blocked by concrete shaft caps many years ago when the place was landscaped for the building of ‘Diggerland’.  

Miners blindly burrowing like moles in their tunnelling machines boring laboriously through the rock. Construction workers of the air balancing hods of bricks and girders on their shoulders, laying foundations and burying pile-drivers below. Generators and cement mixers dotted at strategic locations where they would precariously land dangling rebar and steel cable in their arms, their full weight on a single carabiner.”

Diggerland Drill

Polystyrene, mesh, clay, insulating foam, corrugated plastic, breeze block, wood, rebar, roof flashing, concrete, sand.

W.60 x H.60 x L.70cm


Map Ref : 23