Yorkshire Sculptors Group

MAY 11 – SEP 29

Paula Chambers

“In one of the small Gazebos in the grounds of Patchings Art Centre are stored chairs, paintings and an old piano no longer in use. On the dusty walls hang faded and peeling images, some of ‘old master’ paintings. The pavilion has the melancholic feel of attics or junk shops, of the lost and forgotten objects often overlooked. This started me thinking about the history of women artists and their relationship to the studios they made work in. Lee Krasner, the partner of Jackson Pollock, made her beautiful abstract paintings in the barn studio at their East Hampton residence for over thirty years, Pollock for only three. Yet upon Krasner’s death the barn was stripped of all traces of her work and opened to the public as a monument to Jackson Pollock. So the dusty overlooked gazebo full of discarded furniture seemed suddenly to stand in for all the overlooked women of art history, I decided to remedy this oversight.

My artwork for Breaking Ground at Patchings Art Centre is an installation in the dusty storage gazebo that adds to the clutter and junk already in residence. I have added domestic objects that ‘set the scene’ of an artist’s studio, tables, an ironing board, broom stick, jugs, plates and other objects. I have also included a series of cast white concrete jerry cans in amongst the domestic detritus, an ironic comment on the importance of women artists to art history, and to their often undervalued role as cultural fire starters.”

Fire Starters

Cast concrete and found domestic objects

Dimensions variable

Price: £150 per concrete cast (jerry cans)

Map ref : 11