Yorkshire Sculptors Group

MAY 11 – SEP 29

Sally Barker

“Eight glazed ceramic pieces on the wall, each one made up of hundreds of squeezed clay fingerprints. “We Only Print in Blood Red” has the appearance of a rash or invasion, referencing our invasive mark on the world. The glaze is a blood red, angry and loud, a closer look reveals traces of each finger print, the human body, etched in the clay.

A Proposition” hangs in the window, a new piece of work from my deconstructed mens’ business suit series. A section of a pair of suit trousers, the waistband and pockets, is carefully cut away, isolated from the garment and wired to hold its form, suggesting a presence of the body. A cascade of individually attached red ceramic fingerprints flows downwards, onto the floor.”

We Only Print in Blood Red

Glazed ceramic

8 pieces, largest 40 x 30 x 15 cm

£200 each piece

Map Ref : 17

A Proposition

Mens business suit trousers, wire, glazed ceramic, pins

H100 x 40 x 40cm


Map Ref : 18