Yorkshire Sculptors Group

MAY 11 – SEP 29

Terence Hammill

“Morse code, with its system of dashes and dots or long and short sounds, is rarely used today but was once an early form of communication by electric telegraph. It interests me as an almost forgotten language that can be used to conceal a message from those not familiar with the code.

When that code is applied to a disc it becomes a kind of ghostly emoticon. The effect of several placed together results in an animated sequence of faces winking, shouting, squinting, and trying to speak.

The Morse coded message retains an air of mystery only understood by boy scouts and Titanic telegraph operators. It gives the viewer something to try and work out for themselves and the reward of successfully decoding the message is the message itself.”

Morse Moon Emoticon

Painted wood discs, steel rods, wood stakes

H2.4m x L16m, 2m apart