Yorkshire Sculptors Group

MAY 11 – SEP 29

 Victoria Ferrand Scott

Kill or Cure

Installation, metal, paint, and digitalis plants.

Dimensions various, up to H 2.2m


“Metal rods, painted red, the colour of danger, are used to delineate tall pyramid growing spaces for foxglove plants. This contradiction of rigid red structures in the natural landscape refers to the duality of foxgloves as both beautiful and dangerous, medicine and poison.”

Map Ref : 6


Installation, cast concrete.
Dimensions various, up to H 1.2m

“Natural spears break through the ground as though growing towards the light. Concrete is thought of as a modern brutal building material (despite being used by the Romans) but its fluid origins allow it to be poured into flexible moulds to suggest the shoots of a concrete jungle.”

Map Ref : 8